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Semester – 1
Time Duration : 12 Month

Fundamental of Computer, MS Dos & Windows.

• Definition of Computer with Various Device • General Information of Software and Hardware with contents ( Parts ) • Generation of Computer • Knowledge of MsInfo 32 • Types of Memory • Notepad, Wordpad, Ms Paint Screen • Properties of manage (My Computer) • Command (Internal and External) • Information of ASCII • Types of Computer • Block Diagram of Computer • Number System • Setting of Taskbar • Operating System (Win98, Win XP, Win Me,) etc.

Semester – 2

Basic Electronics & Digital Electronics Keyboard & Mouse Repairing

• Basic definitions • Symbol of Electrical & Electronic components • Using Analog & Digital Multimeter • Resistor • Capacitor • Transistor • SCR Use, Type and Checking • MOSFET Use, Type and Checking • IC identifying • Scotkey use Type and Checking • Logic Gate • Digital Electronics • Keyboard, Block Diagram of Keyboard • Soldering and Desoldering different leaded Components • Circuit Diagram of DC Eliminator, Extension • Serial and Parallel data, Clock Signal Etc. • Keyboard Scanning • Classification of Keyboard • Different Port for Keyboard Interfacing • Circuit Diagram of Keyboard • Fault finding procedure of Keyboard • Classification of Mouse • Different port details for mouse interfacing • Wireless Mouse • Circuit Diagram of Mouse • Chip Components Identification and Checking • Chip Components soldering and desoldering by SMD Rework Station and Micro Iron.

Semester – 3

SMPS Repairing

• Unregulated Supply • Block Diagram of SMPS • Difference between AT and ATX SMPS • Different output connector details • Circuit Diagram of each Section in SMPS • Description of each section in SMPS • Fault finding procedure of SMPS • Operational Amplifier • Block Diagram of IC’s using in SMPS • Troubleshooting practical of different section.

Semester – 4

Monitor Repairing (C.R.T.)

• Digital Monitor • Analog Monitor • Operating controls of Monitor • Video Display card details • Working of monitor C.R.T. • Scanning Details and types • Block Diagram of Monitor • Working of Power Supply Section, Horizontal Section, C.R.T. Charger Section, Vertical Section Etc. • Fault finding of power supply section • Fault finding of vertical section • Fault finding of Horizental section • Fault finding of video section.

Semester – 5

U.P.S. Repairing

• Circuit Diagram of Manual Stabilizer • Circuit Diagram of Auto Cut Stabilizer • Circuit Diagram of Automatic Stabilizer • Wiring Diagram of Invertor/UPS • UPS importance and Characteristics • Types of UPS ( Online, Offline and Hybrid) • Block Diagram and pin details of different IC's used in UPS • Circuit Diagram of AVR Stage • Circuit Diagram of MOS driver and output Section • Troubleshooting practical of different section. • Circuit Diagram of Battery Charging Section • Working of UPS in AC Mode and Battery Mode. • Change Over Stage • Overload Shut Down Stage • No load Shut Down Stage • Low Battery Shut Down Stage

Semester – 6

Computer Assembling and Installation

• Structure of Motherboard • Abbreviation of Technical Words • Requirements of Computer System • Assembling and Deassembling of Computer System • About - ISA, PCI, AGP, CNR, Etc. • About SIMM, DIMM, RIMM, SDRAM, RD RAM, DDRI, DDRII, Etc • Difference Between ISA & PCI • Difference Between PCI & AGP • Difference Between SIMM & DIMM • IDE and FDD • Difference Between PATA & SATA • Jumper Setting • Connecting Different Expansion Cards • BIOS Setup Options • FDISK Command, Format Command • Hard Disk Partitioning through FDISK • Hard Disk Formatting through Format Command • Installation of Windows XP • Installing Sound Card, Graphic Card, LAN Card Driver Etc. • Dual Booting Operating System • Upgrading an Operating System • Repairing an Operating System • Troubleshooting of Computer System • Using Nero

Semester – 7

N+ (Networking)

• Introduction of Networking, Networking Fundamentals • Brief Description About LAN, CAN, MAN, WAN • Description about Networking Devices • Difference Between HUB & Switch HUB, SWITCH, ROUTER • About I/O Box, Patch Panel, NIC, MAC Address • Transmission Media (CAT-6, Fiber Optical Cable) • Details About OSI Model, Broadcast & Multicast • IP Addressing, Different IP Classes and Their Range • Network, Networking, Straight and cross Cable Connection, • About Topologies BUS, Mesh, RING, STAR • Work Group Model, Local User • Domain Model, Domain User (Client) • How to convert local User to Domain User • Installation of Win 2003 Server and their Features and Vice Versa • Details About DC (Domain Controller or Main Server)• ADC (Additional Domain Controller or Backup Server) • Introduction And Installation of Active Directory • Administrator's (System And Network) Directory Services • Creation of Local and Domain User • How to Implement Sharing And Security Option • Access of Shared Files And Folders

Advanced Topics:-

•Introduction About Wireless Networking • Subnetting (Network) (LAN,MAN,WAN) • Introduction of Win 2008 Server • Introduction of windows Vista • Live Setup Demo by Faculty • Designing, Implementing & Maintaining Corporate Networks

Semester – 8

Printer Repairing & Dot Matrix Printer

• About Printer • Classification of Printer • Block Diagram and Signal Path of DMP • Details of PC to Printer Interface Cable • Printing process inside Printer • Parts of Dot Matrix Printer • Home Sensor Circuit Diagram of DMP • Working of Home Sensor Circuit. • Paper End Sensor Circuit Diagram of DMP • Working of paper End Sensor Circuit • Carriage Motor Driving Circuit Diagram of DMP • Working of Carriage Motor Driving Circuit • Paper Feed Motor Driving Circuit Diagram of DMP • Working of PF Motor Driving Circuit • Print Head Driving Circuit Diagram of DMP • Working of Print Head Driving Circuit • Needle Firing during printing Condition in DMP • Servicing of DMP Printer • Fault Finding of Dot Matrix Printer.

Inkjet Printer

• Step by Step View of an Inkjet Printer in working mode • Refilling of Ink in Cartridge • Servicing of Inkjet Printer • Diagram of Paper Feed Assembly in Inkjet Printer • Servicing of Separate Motor Assembly • Servicing of Self Maintenance Station Assembly • Parts of an Inkjet Printer • PCB Tracing of Inkjet Printer • Fault Finding of an Inkjet Printer


Laser Printer

• About Laser Printer • Conditioning of the OPC Drum • Cleaning of the OPC Drum in Laser Printer
• Block Diagram & Signal Path of Laser Printer during Image Formation • Developing the Image on he OPC Drum • Writing the Image on the OPC Drum • Fusing the Image on the Paper • Transfering the Image from OPC Drum to the paper • Toner Refilling in Toner Cartridge of Laser Printer • Servicing of Laser Printer • Fault Finding of Laser Printer • Parts of Laser Printer.

Semester –9


• About HDD • Internal Structure of Hard Disk Drive • Defferences between PATA & SATA HDD • Details of ATAIO Connector & Cable • HDD Formatting • Parts of Hard Disk Drive • Fault Finding of Hard Disk Drive • All About CD & DVD Drive • Structure of CD/DVD • Comparison between CD & DVD • Different Types of Motors used in CD Drive • Optical Pick Up Unit Diagram of CD Drive • Parts of CD/DVD Drive • Fault Finding of CD/DVD Drive • About Scanner • Types of Scanner • Structure of Scanner • Scanning Unit Diagram of Scanner • Parts of Scanner • Fault Finding of Scanner.

Semester – 10

Motherboard Repairing

• Digital Electronics and Logic Gates • Combination of Gates and Flip Flop Circuits • Details of Gates IC's
• Block Diagram of Motherboard • PC Bus Structure • Expansion Slots of Motherboard • Structure and Details of Expansion Slot • About Processor & Co-Processor • Details of Primary & Secondary Memory • Block Diagram and Signal Path of µP • Seven Requirements of µP (Micro Processor) • Block Diagram of Clock Generator • Identification of Motherboard • Identification of Slots • CRO Operating • Components Checking by CRO • Signal Checking by CRO on Motherboard • Troubleshooting of Motherboard

Semester – 11

TFT/LCD Monitor & Laptop Maintenance

T.F.T. LCD Fundamental and difference between CRT and LCD Monitors • Working of LCD display diagram • LCD display methods • Segment driving method of LCD display • Matrix driving method of LCD display • Diagram and descriptions of CCFL • Working of CCFL • Block Diagram and signal path of TFT LCD Monitor • Block and Circuit diagram of TFT LCD Monitor's SMPS • Block and Circuit Diagram of TFT LCD Monitor's Invertor section • Diagram and signal path of TFT LCD driving circuits • Fault finding of TFT LCD Monitors. • About Portable Computers • Difference between Desktop & Portable Computers • Kinds of Portable Computers • All about Laptop/Notebook PC • Port & Connectors of Laptop • Block Diagram of Laptop • Description of Each Section and Block of Laptop • Details of Processor of Laptop • Expansion Buses of Laptop • Circuit Diagram of Power Control stage of Laptop • Circuit Diagram of CCFL Stage • AC Adapter Circuit Diagram of Laptop • TFT & LCD Section Testing & Fault Finding • Troubleshooting of Laptop.

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