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Installation of Windows Operating System
Time Duration : 06 Month

Installing Windows Server 2008 Operating System Or installing Windows Vista Operating System •Creating Local user Accounts.

Member Server/Client and User Management

Configuring Client Or Configuring Member Server • Creating Domain User Accounts • Changing Default Password Policy • Changing Allow Logon Locally Policy • Enabling Account Lockout Policy.


Security Level Permissions • Share Level Permissions • Configuring Offline Files in Client Or Configuring Offline Files in Member Server.


Configuring Local Profiles • Configuring Roaming Profiles • Configuring Mandatory Profile • Configuring Home Folder • Enabling Disk Quota.

Logical Structure of Active Directory

Configuring Additional Domain Controller • Configuring Child Domain • Configuring New Domain Tree in Existing Forest.

Roles of Active Directory

Transfer of Roles • Seizing of Roles.

Group Policies

Creating an Organizational Unit (OU) • Applying Group Policy on OU Level • Applying Group Policy on Domain Level • Applying Group Policy on Site Level • Applying Group Policy Modeling • Delegating Control to a User • Applying Software Deployment Policy • Applying Scripts using Group Policy • Applying Folder Redirection.

Trust Relationship

Raising Functional Levels • Creating Forest Trust.

Global Catalog, Sites and RODC

Configuring Global Catalog Server • Creating Active Directory Sites • Creating Active Directory Site-Links • Creating a Pre-Creat RODC Account • Configuring Read-Only Domain controller.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Installing DHCP Service • Creating a Scope • Creating DHCP Reservations • DHCP Server Backup and Restore.

Domain Naming System (DNS)

Installing DNS Service • Creating Standard Primary Forward Lookup Zones • Creating Standard Primary Reverse Lookup Zones • Creating Secondary Zone • Creating Stub Zone • Creating Active Directory Integrated Primary Zone • Conditional Forwarders • Forwarders, Root Hints and Cache Server.

Internet Information Services (IIS)-Web Server

Installing Internet Information Service - Web Server •Creating a Website •Configuring Redirection of Website • Creating Virtual Directory • Changing the Website IP address or Port no.

Internet Information Services (IIS) - Ftp Server

Installing Internet Information Service - FTP Server •Creating Do not isolate User FTP Site •Creating isolate user FTP Site •Creating isolate User Active Directory FTP Site.


Assigning the IP Address to Configure Routing • Installing Routing Service on Route 1 & Router-2 • Enabling Routing on Router1 & Router 2 • Configuring Static Routes • Configuring Network Address Translation • Configuring DHCP Relay Agent.

Terminal Services (TS)

Configuring T S in Remote Administration Mode • Configuring T S in Application Server Mode • Monitoring terminal Services Sessions • Installing Terminal Services Web AccessConfiguration T S Remote App Programs.

Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Installing Windows Deployment Services • Configuring Windows Deployment Services • Adding Windows 2008 Boot Image to WDS Server • Adding Windows 2008 Install Image to WDS Server.

Disk Management

Creating Primary Partitions • Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk • Creating Spanned Volume • Creating Striped Volume • Creating Mirrored Volume • Creating RAID-5 Volume.

Advance Topics - Distributor File System and Groups

Distributed File System • Groups

Live Setup

Documentation of Live Setup,

Extra Topic

SQL Server Installation, Security Connectivity view creation, Data Base Creation and Control, etc.

Server Core

Installation, Domain Creation Service (DHCP, DFS) Installation & Romoring.