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A vast nation like India, with a civilizational continuity of several thousand years, can contribute an endless string of wonders to the world. At our institute - located in the heart of India - we Endeavour to sow the seeds of such wonders in every youth under our care and nature their ability to achieve their goals.

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    With growing population and unemployment in India, such a training is required which can make the unemployed people self dependent and can get honor in the society. Our organization is based in Allahabad. We provide technical education through our experienced trainers. If students who successfully complete are talented or dedicated and laborious then they can get the benefits of the opportunity provided by our organization.Our organization is registered under the U.P. Govt. Act 21, 1860 as a Society. We have permission to open branch any where in India, granted by Registrar Society. Our organization is governed by the members in the managing committee.Our organization gives full guarantee of complete training if the student is laborious.Read more

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Message From Priciple